7 Tips For Great Small Business Web Design

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Getting small business web design right can seem a daunting task to someone who knows nothing about website design. However if you are undertaking a web design then there are some steps that you can take to help ensure success for your site and your business.

  1. Don't get over ambitious. Web design for a small business is just that. It shouldn't try to compete with Google, the BBC, CNN, CNET or any of the other big websites. Instead start small and build up gradually.
  2. Get someone to help you. If you don't know about web design then get a professional to help. Often people think that they can simply buy a template website off the shelf and that will be good enough. The reality is very different. Building great websites is tough and technical, get help.
  3. Small business web design shouldn't just be about the building of the site. You want to find and use a company that are going to help you as your website grows. So make sure whoever you use has help built into the package.
  4. Don't get hung up on the graphics. Some of the best web sites are mostly text. Think of Google almost no graphics! So don't believe those who tell you, you need to have the graphics to attract - you don't!
  5. Small business web design needs to take a long term view. Don't get caught in the trap of getting a website now and then having to completely redo the site in 6 months time. Build the site so that it can grow as your web presence grows.
  6. Think about how your website will relate to your business. There is no point in having a website for your small business if it isn't adding value. Figure out what that value should be and then measure it.
  7. Don't be afraid to experiment. Change is one of the strongest aspects of the web. Make sure that your small business web design accounts for that need for change. There is nothing more boring to visitors than viewing the same website they saw 1 year ago.

These 7 tips are really just a starting point. If you know little about small business web design then you'd be best to find someone who can help. Often small businesses think that it'll be expensive to get that help but it needn't be. Look around and you'll find that you can get good deals.