Small Business Web Design - Vital Components

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Small business web design should be interpreted as a website for small businesses but not as a small website. If the website does not generate any revenue and does not serve the purpose for its existence then it can be termed as small, but not otherwise. It is obvious that even a small business would like the website to perform and generate business.

A website can only be seen and read and because of this the text content and visual contents play a vital role in the success of the website. The website can be divided into different parts such as the home page, about us page, products/services page, contact page and a page about Privacy Policies & Disclaimers.

Let us see the relevance of these pages one by one.

Home page:

This is the face of the website. Everyone must be aware of the relevance of the face in the personality of a human being. This principle is apt for web design too. For a small business investing in a website is a big investment. For assuring the return on this investment the home page should be appealing, user friendly and marketing oriented. The home page should have links that take the visitor to the webpage of his/her interest. The images and videos should convey the business the website does. The home page should be designed in such a way that the visitor feels that the web site has been designed after considering his/her needs.

About us page:

This is the page that reveals the information about the company and its management. The background of the founders of the company is presented in this page. The objective and mission of the business is usually presented in this page. This page is very important of instating the trust in the organization. The visitors usually like to know the persons behind the business and want to be assured that the company exists in the real world and not just virtual.

Products/Services Page:

This is the page that is crucial for generating business. A website without this page could be considered a body without any arms. This page should clearly state the products and/or services being offered by the website. This page should clearly mention the features and price of the products or services offered. At times the embedding of images is mandatory because studies have proved that visual content is more effective than text content especially for converting the visitor into buyer.

Contact Page:

Would you trust as person or business that does not have a physical address? The answer should be negative and this is what that has big impact on the mind of the prospective buyer. Not mentioning the physical address, phone and email address gives a chance to the prospective buyer to doubt your identity. Do not let this happen especially when the success of your website is dependent on the trust of your buyers.

Privacy Policies & Disclaimers Page:

Every website is subject to the rules and regulations of some or the other country. To be legally safe one needs to have page about Privacy Policies & Disclaimers.

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