Affordable Small Business Web Design - Finding the Right Designer

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Many design firms claim to offer affordable small business web design. Unfortunately, as with any other product or service, cheap does not always equate to good. While budgetary limitations are a reality for any small business, skimping on website design can lead to an ineffective, unsatisfying experience for both the business and site visitors. The point of having a website is to attract visitors and increase market reach. As a marketing tool, your website should show a return relative to the investment. Small investments lead to small returns. In the case of web design, a skimpy investment can result in driving away visitors, rather than attracting them.

Some factors to consider when shopping for affordable small business web design include experience, market position, and niche. A good design company will have experience with clients similar to your business. Their market position should be on par with your own. This means they do not market as the cheapest, nor do they cater to a high-end clientele, unless this is also your market position. In terms of niche, look for a designer who speaks to a similar market, with the same values shared by your business and, more importantly, your customers. This could be in the form of an overall business approach, a specific market segment, or ideal customer.

Having an impressive site does not require spending a fortune. Likewise, spending a fortune does not ensure an impressive site design. The key to achieving an affordable small business web design lies in finding a design company who can balance quality with cost. Getting the most value for your design budget should be their primary goal. They should be willing to learn about your business and your needs or goals. They can then take that information, combined with your business image and niche, to create just the right web presence to attract your ideal customers.

The "look and feel" of your business website sets the tone for visitors. Ensuring your site accurately portrays your image requires an understanding of your company's values and objectives. The right design firm will take the time to get to know those values and objectives so your new home on the web matches the overall image you want to impress on visitors. Focusing on customer needs is simply good customer service and does not require a big price tag. To increase the return on your website investment, find a design company who offers affordable small business web design while still meeting your needs and impressing your visitors.